Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday Night - Rock out! [um, not]

Believe me when I say, no one would confuse me with a party girl. Those days are behind me.

No, no, this is my idea of a fabulous late summer Friday evening, peeps:

Knee deep in foliage and finding all kinds of wonderful surprises hiding in the greenery. I'm drooling at all of the weekend's cooking options....

Oh, and having these to wander amongst doesn't hurt the mood either:

Summer, how I love thee.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally, some heat, and the tomatoes go wild.

At long last, my heirloom tomatoes are coming into their own. Woo hoo!

My very favorites - Black Cherries. They were sketchy last year (blight got them early on), but they're fabulously prolific this year. Complex, smokey flavor with beautiful mahogany coloring.

Matt's Wild Cherry - one amazing little cherry bursting with flavor, one seriously crazy plant. I only grew one (fortunately) - it's over 14 feet tall and 6 feet wide, creeping up the side of my house like ivy. I can't even harvest half of the tomatoes. But the ones I can reach are perfect, perfect little red globes, completely unblemished. A real centerpiece fruit.

Flamme - gorgeous and prolific, this plum-sized tomato is a brilliant orange with a delightful, tangy flavor. It's a keeper.

Orange Strawberry - ain't she sweet, all heart-shaped and such? This tomato was a shocker. The grower described it as strawberry-shaped, and about the size of a small oxheart tomato. Well, this baby was 1 lb 4 oz. They're strawberry-shaped while they're small and green, but by the time they ripen, they're huge. The fruit is so heavy that the plant, although well-staked, actually pulled itself over on top of the plant next to it.

Limony - very pretty yellow tomato, perfectly sized for slicing and sandwiches.

More to come, as the tomatoes are really just getting started....